Cheryl Dineen Ferrin
Portraits in fabric

Thanks for visiting my on-line gallery.
It's a sampling of my works and soon, works in progress.
So, enjoy and let me know if anything interests you.

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Artist Statement Cheryl Dineen Ferrin finds few other subjects as fascinating as the individual. Personal identity is a central theme in her work. Her quilted fabric portrayals draw on the complex interaction between subject and artist to capture the individual's spirit. In her creative process, she strives to integrate prevailing attitudes on beauty, politics and self-image. Through the poignant interplay of gesture, vivid color, pattern and a touch of voyeurism, Dineen Ferrin defines the enigmatic in her subjects. She attempts to represent her perception of truth, a moment captured that will tell something of the subject, the viewer and the artist. The non-traditional use of the quilt as a portrait canvas opens another circuit for the interpretation of the individual.

Dineen Ferrin relies primarily on hand and commercially dyed cotton fabrics to construct her works. "I love the drape and feel of fabric. The subtle variations in fabric color that are inherent in the hand-dyed process are equally as intriguing to me as a boldly printed commercial design. Each can be used to create the appropriate statement in the portrait. Even the most humble cottons can become incredibly changing and expressive by varying how they're handled in the designs."

Cheryl Dineen Ferrin's subjects exist in spaces seemingly disengaged from the material world. They are very close to the foreground forcing a direct interaction between the subject and the viewer. Her utilization of multiple images of the subject tempers this confrontational sense with a meditative mood.


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